About Prof Sama

Professor Anshul Sama is considered a leading national and international authority in the field of nasal/sinus disease and snoring. Since 1998, (as Consultant at Nottingham University Hospital since 2000), he has practiced exclusively in the field of Rhinology (Nasal Conditions) with a special interest in Frontal Sinus Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Endoscopic Skull base surgery and Sleep disordered breathing. He has some of the most extensive experience in surgery (over thousands of procedures) in these areas, evidenced by his notable position in eminent national institutions, publications and invitations to lecture at national and international academic conferences.

    • Positions Held in Professional Associations
ENT UK Council – 2001-2002, 2008-11
Educational Committee – 2006-7
Royal Society of Medicine (Section- Rhinology & Laryngology) Council – 1997-8, 2007-11
Honorary Secretary– 2007-8
British Rhinology Society Council – 2007- 2012
Treasurer – 2016 onwards
Young Consultant in Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeons Secretary 2002- 2008
President 2008-2011
Training Programme Director East Midlands 2009-2012
Trent Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre Ass Director 2010- onwards
City Hospital Clinical Skills Centre Clinical Lead 2014- 2016
    • Keynote and International Lectures
Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai, India 2004
Chinese ENT society annual meeting 2005
Danish Rhinology Society, Copenhagen 2006
Update on Management of Sleep Disorders, Delhi, India 2006
Endoscopic sinus surgery and Rhinoplasty Athens, Greece 2007
Advances in Sleep Disordered Breathing, Singapore 2007
British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology, Birmingham 2007
Greek Paediatric Otolarygology society, Athens 2008
Joint RSM-American Academy Meeting, Dublin 2008
British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology, Liverpool 2009
Annual Congress Hungarian Society of Otorhinolaryngology 2010
Irish Otolaryngology Society, Medtronic Invited Keynote 2011
European Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 2011
British Rhinology Society Annual Conference, Belfast 2012
Meet the experts, Vienna 2012
Belgium Royal Society of ENT, Antwerp 2012
British Rhinology Society Annual Meeting 2012, 2014
International Federation of Skull Base surgery Congress 2012, 2013
British Academic Conference, Glasgow 2012
Penn Rhinology , Frontal sinus and Skull base Forum 2013
Penn Rhinoplasty conference 2013
6Th World Congress for Endoscopic Surgery of Brain, Skull Base And Sinus- Milan, Italy 2014
Milano Masterclass in Endoscopic Sinus/Skull base surgery 2015
Milan Masterclass in Endoscopic sinus surgery and Rhinoplasty 2015
10th International Saudi Otorhino Society Meeting, Jeddah, 2016
Congress of European Rhinology Society, Stockholm 2016
SantoriniRhno Rhinology Skull Base conference, Santorini 2016
4rth Italian Academy of Rhinology Annual Meeting, Bari 2016
Milan Masterclass in Endoscopic sinus surgery and Rhinoplasty 2017
Swedish Rhinology Society, Keynote 2017
Belgium Royal Society of ENT 2017
    • Surgical Training and Teaching courses
Course Organiser
Copenhagen- Nottingham ENT Dissection course (annual) 2001-2017
BEST Course, Royal College of Surgeons certified (3xYear) 2004-2015
Sleep Disordered Breathing Workshop (annual) 2005-2008
Advanced Facial Aesthetic Surgery (annual) 2011-2015
Advanced Frontal Sinus Surgery (annual) 2012-2017
Regional Endoscopic sinus surgery course 2012-2015
ENTeprise Expert meeting, Vienna 2012-2015
Invited Peer at Courses:-
Newcastle Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course 2002, 2008
3rd Copenhagen Course on Computer Aided Sinus Surgery 2002
Thai-British Rhinology Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand 2004, 2007
Royal College of Surgeons of London, ENT Masterclass 2005-2017
Endoscopic sinus surgery and Rhinoplasty Athens, Greece 2007
Winchester International Sinus Surgery Course 2007-2016
Copenhagen Advanced Endoscopic and Skull Base Surgery course 2007-2012
Guys Endoscopic Skull Base Dissection Course 2009-2012
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh – Advanced Endoscopic Sinus surgery (annual) 2010-2017
Paris course on Advanced Endoscopic Sinus surgery (annual) 2011-17
East Anglian Course on Management of Sinonasal  Disease in 21st century 2011-12, 2014
Masters Dissection course in Anterior Skull Base surgery 2013, 2014
Royal college of Surgeons of London, ENT Consultant Revalidation Masterclass 2014-17
    • Book Chapters and Publications
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